Professional Services

Over the years of experience, we have provided exact tools and equipments and the right sustaining technical employees from designing, supervision and construction of the following:

  • Conveying systems
    (Belt Conveyor, Screw, drag chain, bucket elevators)
  • Storage Tanks
    (elevated tank, resting on ground, oil tank, fuel, and water)
  • Boiler service
    (supply & Installation, servicing, re tubing)
  • Pollution control
    (Waste water system, wet scrubbers, dust collectors)
  • Piping and valve installation
    (supply of pumps and installation)
  • Electro-Mechanical Machines
    (Such as Hydro-turbine generation, Diesel Power Plant, Agriculture
  • Heat exchangers, economizers, cooling towers
  • Stainless steel fabrication
  • Structural steel works
We pride ourselves on our smart approach to doing business. Over the years, we have gained customers trust, by fulfilling our commitment. We help our customer with the design and suggests economical approach. We are professional in the field of steel fabrication, we have a complete group to design, fabricate, machining, install, erect and commission, we are happy to finish jobs in turn-key.

Core Business

Engineering Design

We aid customer with the design calculations, CAD drawing and fabrication layout before any contract engagement.

Project Management

We follow the clients timetable, we shall agree the leadtime if it is workable, Gantt charts, Microsoft project manager and S-curves will be made every project made beforehand.

Implementation as to Build, Fabricate, and Install

Implementations comes from approved clients demand, our engineering team will make fabrication drawing, then our site engineer will carry out instruction and assign it to the foreman incharge to do the job to fabricate and same as to install.
We have enough tools and equipments, and skilled workers, and we can add more than half are ready on standby should have more projects coming.

Customer Support

We are on-line and we can be contact to our mobile phones, landline, and emails. We will support customer needs anytime.

Project Process Flow

The flow chart determines our core principle in simplifying and understanding customers needs.

  • We start anything with the clients requirements.
  • Then, we make our proposal in a most economical way without sacrificing the quality.
  • After customer evaluates and review, we are now ready to take the order and job contract.
  • Then we start the planning of manpower and tools, including the layout and engineering design calculations.
  • Then it will be next in the implementation and route all fabrication drawing to the fabrication department and see to it that it is the same back to the clients requirement.

Services by Percentage

The chart below showing the experience and expertise of our company for the past 9 years.

The percentage indicated are sum of the amount of the projects we have over the years. We rank steel tank fabrication as number, it is a combination of storage tanks, pressurized tanks, mixing tanks, and depot. Next is the conveying systems which includes the belt conveyor, drag chains, and any feeding systems we have made. Then the structural works, then boiler service followed by waste water facilities then any other steel works.